Don't Expect To See Tanks At President Trump's Military Parade

Military vehicles will roll through Washington on November 11 in a salute to veterans, a Pentagon memo said Friday, detailing President Donald Trump's dream of hosting a military parade.

The parade will feature a "heavy air component" of planes set to fly over onlookers at the end of the demonstration, and could include older aircraft, according to the memo.

According to a Pentagon memo, tanks will not be included to "minimise the damage done to local infrastructure".

"I think confidence is silent and insecurity is loud", The Hill quoted Senator John Kennedy, a Louisiana Republican, as saying.

Military parades are rare in the USA despite boasting the world's most powerful armed forces. The last time the United States saw such a parade was in the year 1991, when Saddam Hussein's Iraqi forces were thrown out of Kuwait in the Gulf War.

The suggested plans do, however, call for a representation of veterans across US history and an air demonstration, according to a note from Defense Secretary Jim Mattis's office at the Pentagon.

The parade route will run from the White House to the Capitol, and the president will be surrounded by veterans and Medal of Honor recipients in the reviewing area.

However, a Pentagon memo declared the parade to be excluding tanks in order to lessen the impact inflicted on roads.

DC government officials apparently tried to cancel Trump's parade.

The idea for a parade appears to have been rekindled when the president visited Paris for Bastille Day in July and made no secret of his awe for the pomp and ceremony of the occasion.

Northern Command, which oversees U.S. troops in North America, will execute the parade.

Organizers also reportedly hope to "highlight the evolution of women Veterans from separate formations in World War II to today's integrated formations". The White House budget director recently told Congress the cost to taxpayers could be between $10m and $30m. "But the generals would love to do it, I can tell you, and so would I", Trump told Fox News last month.

  • Rogelio Becker