Here's How To Get Mario On Google Maps

Here's How To Get Mario On Google Maps


"Just do not forget to practise safe driving on the road", Google Maps' official blog says.

With the update, the Google Maps navigation arrow showing you your location will turn into Mario driving his signature Kart - red shells not included.

For its part, Nintendo is celebrating Mario Day with a more traditional offering: between March 10th and March 25th, you can get 50% off Super Mario Run on iOS and Android. However Google advised users who are sharing their excitement on social media "to make sure to avoid sharing personal details like home and workplace address".

Are you looking forward to having Mario accompany you in his kart on your routes? Accept the prompt to enable the feature and your navigation arrow will be replaced with Mario's kart. Back in 2014 (long before Pokemon Go launched on mobile devices), Google unleashed dozens of wild Pokemon in Google Maps, giving users a chance to walk around their cities and fill up their Pokedex.

Do us a favour: Go to your Google Maps and give a little tap to the yellow question mark. - Let us know in the comments! Google have teamed up with Nintendo America to bring this cool feature.

The Mario Google Maps event will start today (March 10th) and end in a week on March 17th. The offer is here to celebrate the Mario day and will last till March 25th.

Google says Mario will be a "constant companion" wherever you drive this week, but also issues a friendly reminder about safe driving. Unless you hate Mario and fun and joy - then you should hit "No Thanks" and just leave us all alone forever.

  • Terrell Bush