Taylor Swift Debuts Strange But Telling 'Delicate' Music Video

Singer Taylor Swift took home the award for Female Artist of the Year and, in a pre-recorded message, thanked her fans for their support. She did no interviews for the release of her smash hit album Reputation and has been quiet on her social media platforms. Eventually, the magic wares off, but Taylor is happy to see that she is recognised once more, knowing she's lucky to be in the position she is in.

Taylor Swift has been accused of "ripping off" a Spike Jonze-directed Kenzo advert with her new video for "Delicate". Swift is then handed a note by a mysterious man as she's going into the dressing room.

For example at the end of the video Swift is seen fearlessly dancing through a rainstorm which is a notable lyric in her 2008 single "Fearless".

Both videos revolve around a woman (Taylor in "Delicate" and Margaret in the ad) in fancy dresses at black-tie events; after they each become disillusioned with their stuffy surroundings, they start dancing wildly and making faces all around the venue. Just then a bunch of girls walk in and Swift turns to smile, but no one notices.

In the clip, Taylor receives a note which magically renders her temporarily invisible. She makes her way out of the hotel, into a crowded subway station, and eventually outside in the pouring rain. However, the video puts the spotlight on a miserable Swift who can't seem to find a friend. The song talks about her reputation for the past 18 months or so.

Not to mention, the Fearless-era Taylor is fifth in line in her series of Taylors in the LWYMMD video.

Check out fan reaction to the singer-songwriter's new music video below.

From looking exactly like you when your favourite tune comes on at home, to doing the splits on top of a random auto, it's Tay like you've never seen her before.

For Taylor Swift's eighth music video with longtime collaborator Joseph Kahn, the director promised robots and explosions - but ended up giving us nothing of the sort.

  • Kyle Peterson