Dog dies after airline worker has it placed in overhead bin

On Wednesday, the day Kennedy announced his planned legislation, thousands of students across the country took part in walkouts to protest gun violence. They have our paperwork here saying that this is the correct dog, but we know it's not.

"(Another passenger and I) looked at each other and said, 'Did they just put the dog up there?'"

A United Airlines mistake apparently sent a US family's German shepherd to Japan instead of to their new home in Kansas. The family says they made that clear to the airline.

United issued the following statement to Mashable, and noted that the mixup occurred during a connection in Denver. Kokito, who was traveling in a TSA-approved kennel, was placed into the bin by Robledo on the instructions of the flight attendant, who then shut the door.

Both incidents happened on United Airlines. And a year ago, the airline had three times as many pets die on its flights than all other US carriers combined. "And we were like, 'It's a dog, it's a dog.' And she said, 'It doesn't matter, you still have to put it up there'". Of the 15 reported injuries, 13 occurred with United, CNN reported. While the airline originally told Swindle that her dog could be quarantined for up to two weeks, they have since promised that a veterinarian will check on him in the airport and put him on a flight to Wichita, Kan.

"We have a task force, an animal cruelty task force led by Precinct 5 and they are conducting the investigation", Cloud said.

United Airlines says the airline is changing its pet policy after the in-flight death of a French bulldog puppy earlier this week.

United apologized for Coquito's death and accepted responsibility.

Robledo had paid a fee of $US125 ($NZ170) for her dog to fly in the cabin, which was refunded along with the cost of airfare. A flight attendant forced the family of a French bulldog named Papacito to leave him in the overhead bin for three hours.

In November, a college student who was flying home to Miami said an employee for Spirit Airlines refused to let her board with her miniature hamster, Pebbles, suggesting instead that she flush the creature down a toilet. A flight attendant had insisted the dog's owner put the pet carrier, with the dog inside, in an overhead bin. The family thought he was barking because he gets scared on flights. "We remain in contact with the family to express our condolences and offer support". United Airlines says they will now implement a new system placing bright colored tags on all luggage carrying pets.

  • Eleanor Harrison