Academy President John Bailey is under investigation for sexual harassment

Three claims of sexual harassment have been made against John Bailey.

Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was memorably expelled from the Academy less than 10 days after the New York Times' bombshell report that accused him of decades of sexual harassment and abuse.

Following reports of an investigation on Friday, the academy said in a statement: "The academy treats any complaints confidentially to protect all parties".

After that, "allegations must be substantiated by clear evidence of behavior that violates the Academy's Standards of Conduct".

Under Bailey's tenure, the Academy expelled Weinstein- who has consistently, through his spokesperson, denied any "non-consensual acts" and "acts of retaliation" - from its ranks and instituted a new "Standards of Conduct" to address sexual harassment and abuse claims. If deemed credible, they can be forwarded to the full Board of Governors for consideration of discipline.

The accusations against Bailey come less than two weeks after he oversaw his first Academy Awards ceremony as president. The allegations must be substantiated by evidence, and will be subject to a review by the academy's membership committee.

Bailey, 75, who was elected president of the organization in August, is a cinematographer and occasional director.

One of those Board of Governors members who would be part of such a vote is Bailey's wife, Carol Littleton, from the Film Editors branch.

Bailey, 75, is in his first year as President of The Academy.

When asked about that by Variety a year ago, Bailey said, "What you just said is bulls-". He is also known as a scholar of film history, and had a keen interest in how the crafts would be represented in the Academy's museum, which is now under construction.

If Bailey decides to step down, he would be replaced by Academy Vice President Lois Burwell, a make-up artist, until the next election in July. "Is this some sort of limiting factor?"

  • Kyle Peterson