Here's Today's Nindies Direct Roundup From Nintendo

Here's Today's Nindies Direct Roundup From Nintendo


We're going to summarize the content of the Nindies Showcase for all of our readers. You can play it solo, but co-op will be where it's at when it releases in the spring.

"As the epic conclusion to the award-winning Banner Saga trilogy of mature, story-driven role-playing games, players will need to brace themselves for tough battles, hard choices and tragic losses".

There were a number of other strong announcements, as well, including the arrival of The Banner Saga 3, as well as the previous two entries in the franchise.

Indie games have been having a good run as of late, but they've really been doing well on the Nintendo Switch, thanks to the big N's support, as well as devoted specials announcing their arrival, including this morning's Nindies broadcast. It's a side-scrolling action stealth platformer, which was originally released for the Xbox 360 and PC in 2012.

In a world where martial arts and magic mix together, players will use Fantasy Strike's simplified controls to pull of special moves and combos in local and online brawls. Light Fall is launching on Switch this spring as a timed exclusive.

Just Shapes and Beats: Described as a 'bullet-hell rhythm game, ' Just Shapes and Beats will launch first on Nintendo Switch this summer.

These games include Steamworld Dig 2, Stardew Valley, Kamiko, Celeste, Fast RMX, Golf Story, Enter the Gungeon, Overcooked: Special Edition, NBA Playgrounds and Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.

Inspired by classic 80s B-movies, garage is a top down shooter that has you fighting the living dead and almost dead mutants. Players will mow down hordes of undead and mutants with plenty of weapons in this isometric action game.

- Pool Panic (Rekim and Adult Swim Games): More than 100 levels await players in this game, in which everything - from jungles to deserts to cities - is one giant cartoon game of pool. The oddball adventure involves playing as the cue ball in a world-spanning game of eight ball. Players can stack bombs to solve puzzles, reach hard-to-reach places or just to see chaotic explosions ensue.

Puzzle game Lumines Remastered will be available this spring.

It's March 20th, and not long after Nintendo had taken the stage for their own direct, they chose to give independent developers who were releasing games on the Nintendo Switch a showcase of their own. The Nintendo Switch version of Reigns: Kings & Queens will feature an exclusive local co-op multiplayer mode when it launches this spring.

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