Monster Hunter World Free Edit Voucher Now Available

Monster Hunter World Free Edit Voucher Now Available


The first major Monster Hunter World update is coming out on March 22, bringing with it a variety of new changes to the way that you play the game.

As revealed just earlier today in a Capcom livestream, the Deviljho monster itself as well as several Deviljho-based quests and rewards will be landing in Monster Hunter World via the game's next update.

It's all steps in the right direction, and updates that include both quality of life adjustments and content are my cup of tea.

Released back in January on PS4 and Xbox One (with the PC release coming very soon), Monster Hunter World has enraptured players with its unsafe, but thrilling, world and its terrifyingly giant monsters.

The main objective in Monster Hunter: World is to simply battle very big monsters in epic locales. Beginning on April 5, 2018 at 5pm PST and ending on April 18, 2018 at 5pm PST, the Spring the Spring Blossom Fest will take place.

We've completely decorated the Celestial Pursuit (Gathering Hub) and even issued out new official Guild uniforms to all the staff.

Capcom will also hold two new Event Quests during the Spring Blossom Festival. There will be a special platter to celebrate Spring as well, so be sure to check out the food while you're hanging out.

Great Sword: increased the damage for Charged Slash abilities. In addition to the Deviljho fights, there will also be new gear which can be dropped by the monster, granted players defeat them and not get killed.

Long Sword: improvements to Foresight Slash input timing and hitbox detection. This is basically where players interrupt the harvesting or skinning process of others by throwing bombs or attacking them.

The free voucher for character edit has a few technicalities that interested users should know.

If you choose to make further edits after you've consumed the free Character Edit voucher, we'll be offering more vouchers for purchase at a later date. Load times have been reduced, and players will also spot a new option to return to the Gathering Hall after completing a quest.

  • Terrell Bush