Bolt secures trial with German top-flight club Borussia Dortmund

Bolt retired from sprinting previous year after the 2017 world championships, where he picked up a bronze medal.

"If they tell me I'm good enough and need a bit of training, then I'll do it".

"I'm tall, so it's one of the things I have practised over the years", he said of his header with sweat pouring down his face. "I don't know what to expect [at Dortmund].I'm going to try my best, as always".

Bolt also took to Twitter to share a few photographs of his day at Dortmund where he can be seen interacting with Reus and Goetze.

He did admit he does not have the stamina to play at that top level yet.

"It's a big leap from athletics to football".

The eight-time Olympic gold medallist, Bolt is a Manchester United fan and has previously on many occasions showcased his love for the 20 times English champions.

"He had fun and he got some feedback, which was his wish".

"Get ready for Friday, BVB", tweeted the ex star of world athletics through his personal account along with a caricature of his person wearing a Dortmund shirt. "You can see that he understands the game".

"They wanted to but I thought it was too cold".

The eight time gold medal victor said: "It is my dream to make it as a professional footballer, so to be able to step out onto the pitch at Old Trafford in June."And play against some of football's biggest legends is going to be remarkable".

"I'm waiting for you man", Aubameyang told Bolt during a CNN Sport interview.

Bolt is now on a two-day trial for Borussia Dortmund, with hopes of playing soccer professionally for the German club.

The retired sprinter said: "I've definitely asked him for a spot on the team, but as I said, I just want to wait until after the trials to really push and to really pressure". The match is aimed at supporting children in danger all around the world.

  • Stacy Allen