Facebook Update Makes It Easier To Access Privacy Settings

While both parties have denied explicit wrongdoing, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica are facing whistleblower claims this data was used to support Donald Trump's 2016 presidential election campaign, with the latter firm also being said to have yielded influence over other democratic votes including the European Union referendum.

Over the weekend, Dylan McKay downloaded his Facebook data and was alarmed to find to find that that social media app kept records of his calls and texts he made from his Android device.

"We have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we can't then we don't deserve to serve you", wrote Zuckerberg.

The suit, filed Tuesday in federal court in northern California, comes as Facebook faces scrutiny over privacy concerns.

This undated product image provided by Facebook shows a redesign of Facebook's privacy tools. Facebook's settings page when viewed on a computer is still as complex as ever.

Analysts said the revamps Facebook rolled out on Wednesday looked more like tweaks than big changes, making data management more transparent rather than changing the way the company does business.

The post also said: "We've worked with regulators, legislators and privacy experts on these tools and updates".

In a blog post written by company executives, the company unveiled a redesigned user interface that helps users secure their accounts faster, change privacy settings and even delete their data if needed. For example, Facebook announced in 2009 that it was consolidating six privacy pages and more than 30 settings on to a single privacy page.

"New settings will give the more than 400 million people who use Facebook the power to control exactly who can see the information and content they share, all with just a few simple clicks", it continued.

"We're going to get better and are going to listen to the community", says Facebook VP of marketing partnerships Gene Alston. Facebook says it is also adding "clearer explanations" about how its privacy controls work.

Now, there is a new privacy shortcuts menu.

Alston, who has been in the role nine months and previously worked at Pinterest for almost four years, said Facebook's leadership team is in overdrive dealing with the current data issues, that it takes its commitment to users "really seriously" and now vows to do better. The rules are created to make it easier for consumers to give and withdraw consent for the use of their data.

The world's largest social network said in a blog post it had been working on the updates for some time but sped things up to appease users' anger over how the company uses their data and as lawmakers around the globe called for strong regulation.

Control your personal information: You can review what you've shared and delete it if you want to. While this download was already possible, it took some time to figure out how to do it. Cox said the changes let people browse through their information in detail, without having to download it.

  • Eleanor Harrison