Apple iOS 11.3 rolls out: Battery Health tool, new Animoji, and more

Apple iOS 11.3 rolls out: Battery Health tool, new Animoji, and more


The "Music Videos" category has already appeared for many iPhone and iPad users running iOS 11.2.6.

On Wednesday, Facebook said that it will be "proposing updates" in "the coming weeks" to its terms of service that will make how it collects and uses people's data more transparent. Apple says the feed from the camera in AR applications has a 50 percent sharper resolution in iOS 11.3, and also supports autofocus for the first time.

Using advanced computer vision techniques to find and recognize the position of 2D images such as signs, posters and artwork, ARKit can integrate these real world images into AR experiences such as filling a museum with interactive exhibits or bringing a movie poster to life.

Battery health is the topic on which company is facing more than 60 cases in the US. The beta version has been released by the company. The company previously did so by default and offered no opt-out option. These conversations can be continued on Apple Watch or Mac.

Business Chat. First announced almost a year ago at WWDC 2017, Business Chat is a new way for iMessage users to communicate with businesses in the familiar, easy-to-use environment of the Messages app. While the original fix was to massively discount battery replacements for older iPhones, Apple has since introduced an option to disable the iPhone battery slow down feature with the release of iOS 13.

'Patients from participating medical institutions will have information from various institutions organized into one view and receive regular notifications for their lab results, medications, conditions and more, ' Apple wrote. As Bloomberg explains, this functionality is being added to Apple's website in order to comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, which takes effect on May 25th.

A software update released on Thursday will mean users are shown extra information about how personal information is shared with Apple, such as the App Store and iTunes. The feature, called iPhone Battery Health, is technically in beta but is available to use in iOS 11.3. These can be found in Settings - Battery and are available for iPhone 6 and later. You'll also be able to tell within the settings if Apple's "performance management" battery feature -that's the fancy way of saying Apple could dynamically throttle your phone - is turned on.

The new "Music Videos" category is tucked in the "Browse" panel, and is now showcasing a couple of Apple Music exclusives and an Apple-curated "Today's Video Hits" playlist. If you want to make your own video playlist, that works just like making an audio playlist - the two mediums can even be intermixed in the same playlists. Replacing an iPhone's battery is the best way to maintain peak performance and avoid throttling altogether. These markets join Apple TV app users in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

Like Facebook Messenger, iMessage is gaining the capability to let users talk with businesses.

HomeKit software authentication provides a great new way for developers to add HomeKit support to existing accessories while protecting privacy and security.

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