That Valpak You Received Might Contain A REAL $100 Check

Lia Jensen of Valpak's MI office claims that only seven of the 37 checks sent out in the Grand Rapids area were cashed in 2017.

The promo has been going on for three years where Valpak signs three $100 checks and then tucks it in coupon envelopes that they send to customers. But that was in select markets only and for a short period of time. When you get yours, open it.

There could be a free $100 check in someone's mailbox any time now, with no strings attached along with Valpak's retail coupon packs. The mindset behind this nationwide promotion is fairly obvious.

Lia Jensen, director of Sales and Operations at Valpak West Michigan, said a total of 36 $100 checks were delivered in Grand Rapids.

But the goal is to encourage people to look through the coupons that regularly arrive in the mail. You might want to start looking at them-you could be literally throwing money away! The people from Valpak are hoping that the people who are lucky enough to get that $100 check in their mailer will spend it on one of the great companies that advertise with Valpak. Valpak says not so fast, the checks are real.

According to a ValPak spokewoman, local ValPak franchises send mailers based on carrier routes. "1 in 50,000 envelopes has a $100 check inside".

  • Eleanor Harrison