Condom challenge: All you need to know about the social media trend

Teenagers have grown exhausted of the Tide Pod challenge, and have moved on to the latest questionable (and dangerously stupid) Internet trend: "The Condom Challenge".

The "Snorting Condom Challenge" has teens placing unwrapped condoms up their nostrils and inhaling them until the condom comes out of their mouth.

Move over Tide Pods: another idiotic challenge is gaining popularity online.

"You are literally putting something down your nose, which connects to your mouth, which connects to your trachea", Dr. Ammar Ali, an emergency room physician at Beaumont Health, told CBS Detroit.

Despite the health hazards, teens are jumping on the latest craze to get more attention on social media, news station KABB-TV reported.

Now teens are taking on an even grosser challenge in pursuit of Internet fame - and this one is making stomachs turn, as it is as disgusting as it is risky.

There is a new internet challenge that has some parents on alert and just about everyone asking questions.

Yes, it's gross. Worse, it's unsafe, warns Bruce Y. Lee, an associate professor of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

One woman accidentally inhaled a condom into her lungs, leading one to collapse because the condom was blocking the airway, the Post reported. It resulted in appendicitis, a condition which is typically caused when a blockage in the appendix's lining leads to infection, causing the organ to swell, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Stephen Enriquez, an education specialist in Texas, states: 'There are all kinds of drugs and kids are clever, so it's just really what are our kids doing? Eventually YouTube started flagging videos that showed up regarding the challenge. Most of the 152 incidents involving condoms - 107 cases, to be exact - were related to ingestion, according to the statistics.

  • Santos West