Google's chief of AI is now working for Apple

He also said that Giannandrea shares its commitment to privacy and its thoughtful approach as it make computers even smarter and more personal. Looking at the pace at which the counterparts are unlocking AI vast potential, Giannandrea's recruitment is a big catch for Apple.

Giannandrea joined Google in 2010 and served as the tech company's senior vice president since 2016.

John Giannandrea would be joining hands with other high-profile hires in the field by Apple, including the Carnegie Mellon professor Russ Salakhutdinov.

In March, technology site The Information detailed seven years of infighting within the Siri team at Apple, with multiple attempts to reorganise the basic technology that underpins the feature falling prey to internal politics which limited attempts to improve the overall product.

According to the letter, employees raised their concerns about the program internally and Google board member Diane Greene said that the company's work would not involve operating drones or launching weapons. With HomePod, Apple's Siri is in direct competition with Google and Amazon AI services running on competing speakers, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. In fact, their hundreds of researchers regularly publish research papers that help update internal products and the AI research community. The leaders in these domains not only shape the path for technologies but refine them to an extent that it gets infused easily in an average human mind.

Despite Siri's lagging developments, Apple has been bullish on its voice-based assistant, which was introduced to the public by Steve Jobs in 2011. The same is also expected to improve the capabilities of Siri that has always lagged behind its peers so far as AI capabilities are concerned. The move comes as an overall effort to enhance Siri that has been pointed out frequently for being "less-effective" than competitors like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant.

Interestingly, Apple's less than impressive progress in AI can be considered to be the result of its own data collection and privacy policies.

Engineers with A.I. expertise are some of the most sought-after people in Silicon Valley, with salaries sometimes exceeding eight figures.

  • Joey Payne