Modi slams Opposition, exhorts party workers on BJP's 38th foundation day

Owing to the relentless efforts of the karyakartas all across the country, Prime Minister said that while NDA is recognized as serial victor, UPA is identified as a serial lier. "Both our economic and strategic posture in the region is strengthened by investing in the bilateral relationship between the world's two largest democracies", Krishnmamoorthi had said in June 2017. "It is always special to interact with hardworking Karyakartas!" he tweeted.Modi also thanked the countrymen for their "unwavering faith" in the BJP."It is our commitment that we will continue to devote ourselves towards India's transformation".

Mr Modi said, for BJP, the party workers are everything and they are the heart and soul of the party, whose sweat has taken the Party to new heights. He said the BJP was working against the interests of the Minorities, particularly the Muslims as evinced in the returning of the recent Telangana Minorities quota bill of 2017 and also ST Quota Bill 2017. The reason is not that we have made any mistake.

Hitting back at rivals, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said their opposition to him is turning "increasingly violent" due to the fact that people born in backward castes are in the country's top positions and also attributed their discomfort to BJP's rising strength. He added: "They can not imagine that when we got the opportunity to elect a President on our own strength, we elected a person belonging to the Dalit community. They can not imagine that when we got the opportunity to elect a Deputy Speaker, we selected Shri Suraj Bhan, who belonged to the Dalit community and later Shri Karia Munda, who is a tribal leader".

The Congress leader said the BJP design to stage dharnas with NDA MPs and a call for a protest had further exposed the ulterior designs of the BJP to gain political advantage as numerous NDA front partners were wary of BJP's mindset against small parties in parliament.

The Prime Minister also spoke to a select group of BJP Karyakartas based in Delhi, Mumbai, Himachal Pradesh and Bihar.

There is a sense of stimulation among the party workers in regard to the direct interaction with the Prime Minister. "We have no answer to the questions of our people", he maintains. Three to four decades ago, our energies were primarily devoted to Vistaar or expansion of the party whereas now, having got the opportunity to serve several states the aim has become Vikas or development. All sections of society support BJP.

  • Rogelio Becker