Mexico Gives Transit Visas to Illegal Alien Caravan Marchers

Despite Trump's claims, Mexican immigration officials are offering most of the caravan migrants either a 20-day transit visa through Mexico or a 30-day humanitarian visa for those who want to apply for asylum in Mexico.

The Mexican government has responded by issuing temporary permits to migrants. The group is mostly women and children from Honduras who intend to seek asylum in Mexico or the US.

Last week, the president announced that National Guard soldiers would be deployed to the U.S. -Mexico border. But the boy's mom said she hoped to continue on to Tijuana, and after that maybe they would try and cross over into the US and apply for asylum.

"Caravans are heading here".

Some of the families huddled under tarpaulins and trees at a soccer field here said they were frustrated to learn that the caravan won't reach the border, having counted on the protection offered by the big group. "It's insanity I don't - nobody understands what's going we have to have a strong border", Trump said.

He added: "They're sending people that have a lot of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us".

Christian Vega... was one of about 250 to 300 migrants who boarded a freight train known as "The Beast" at Matías Romeo Avendaño on Sunday in hopes of speeding his journey north. "Getting more risky. "Caravans" coming".

Alfredo Corchado, the Border-Mexico correspondent for The Dallas Morning News, covered the presidential campaign launch this week of one candidate in the northern states of Mexico.

"It's much safer", he said. "My mission is to get to the United States".

The Caravan organizers, a group called, Pueblos Sin Fronteras, have said that one of their aims in escorting people from Honduras and other countries to Mexico and the USA has been to protect them from assaults that asylum seekers and migrants can encounter.

Mexican lawmakers condemned Trump's rhetoric, describing the president's decision this week to send troops to the border as "one more insult". This year, they project about 200 will get to the US/Mexico border.

"If you have a baby on our land, congratulations, that baby is a United States citizen", Trump lamented.

Sanders pointed Fox to a line in this recent Los Angeles Times story about smugglers: "Robberies, rapes and assaults - perpetrated by smugglers, cartel members and Mexican immigration agents - are common".

On Tuesday afternoon, she cooked a cauldron full of sliced squash and eggs over an open fire for the caravan's security team, volunteers who keep an eye on things.

The caravan of Central American migrants is an annual event arranged by activist to highlight the hardships faced by immigrants on the journey to the USA border in order to gain asylum usually escaping violent threats in their homelands.

  • Rogelio Becker