Instagram Will Soon Let Users Download Old Photos And Videos

Instagram Will Soon Let Users Download Old Photos And Videos


Apple is also to be working on its privacy tools with a new Apple ID tool that will allow users to download all their personal information. Your data is incredibly valuable to these companies, and they are doing pretty much anything they can to get hold of it, so stay on your toes. As confirmed by an Instagram spokesperson to TechCrunch, the company is testing the Nametag feature (similar to QR Codes) which will allow users to create a customized image that can be scanned to find a profile on Instagram.

Photo-sharing app Instagram has launched a new feature on its platform that enables users to take professional shots.

We've reached out to the company for more info, and will update this article with its response. It's also not clear whether photos and videos will export in the full quality or they'll be compressed. Though users will be able to download their data, "what kind of data" is still unknown. Then you can either add it to your story or send it to your friends using Instagram Direct.

Instagram recently announced a new Focus Mode that replicates a bokeh or background blur effect found on most modern Android smartphones.

So far, Instagram is quite a locked place for the users as nobody can download anything from the platform.

You can download the latest version of Instagram via the App Store or Play Store. The app took to its own Press website to make the official announcement for the launch of this feature which was hidden in previous builds too on Android devices. What are your thoughts on Instagram's upcoming data portability tool?

No word yet on exactly when it will be available, what resolution photos and videos will be, or if the tool will allow you to download data beyond your basic content - things like user lists, comments, Stories, and captions. The new tool from Instagram would shut off all such businesses when the giant introduce this feature natively within the Instagram's application under the Settings menu.

  • Terrell Bush