Taylor Swift's New Earth, Wind & Fire Cover Includes A Possible Easter Egg

Swift takes the upbeat groove and transforms it into a folksy ballad with a country tinge that fans of the R&B icons just can't wrap their heads around.

Recently, Spotify CEO Daniel Dek told "CBS This Morning" of ending the company's feud with Swift, who pulled her catalog of songs from the service in 2014 (it was reinstated last summer), "I went to Nashville many, many times to talk to her team, spend more time directly explaining the model, why streaming mattered". Swift's rendition nearly feels like a heartbreak ballad than a joyous anthem.

Swift made a decision to record a folksy, banjo-filled rendition of "September" and changed the song's opening lyric from "Do you remember the 21st night of September?" to "Do you remember the 28th night of September?".

First up, Swift recorded an acoustic version of her single "Delicate", which is as pretty and straightforward as you'd expect.

"Delicate is a song about the vulnerability that immediately surfaces in all of us the minute we meet someone we want to like us".

You can listen to Swift's new songs here.

Taylor Swift has released a rendition of Earth, Wind & Fire track "September".

Overall, the song has strong enough bones to endure even a total 180-degree genre change, and it's undeniably a lyrically romantic tune that's right up Swift's alley. And much to Swifties' surprise and delight, the new songs prove Old Taylor is still very much alive and kickin'.

September is one of the most well regarded hits from Earth, Wind & Fire, and was originally written by Maurice White, Al McKay and Allee Willis.

  • Joey Payne