Rumour Watch 2018: DICE Prototyping a Battle Royale Mode for Battlefield V

Exploding in popularity since the March 2017 release of "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds", battle royale games tend to drop 100 players into an enclosed but expansive environment, constricting the available play space over the length of a match and thus forcing players into contact with each other until one player or team remains. According to Gamesbeat, sources with knowledge of the studio stated that the developer is now testing a battle royale mode featuring similar gameplay to progenitors PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Battlefield developer EA DICE is reportedly considering including a Battle Royale mode for the upcoming Battlefield V, say sources close to VentureBeat.

And DICE is trying to see if it can get in on the action. And now, we can add this battle royale thingy to our list. Word is that Battlefield developer DICE is now testing a battle royale mode for Battlefield V. As that's the case, it doesn't seem to be a guarantee at this time that Battlefield will actually receive a battle royale mode at all.

The mode remains in testing as the studio decides whether to greenlight it for its forthcoming World War II shooter, which makes it unlikely that the mode would make it into the game at launch if approved.

EA declined to comment on the report. If there's money to be made or a trend to be followed, EA won't be far behind.

"Battle royale" game modes have completely taken over game culture, "with everyone from celebrities to major game streamers to your kids playing either "Fortnite" or "PUBG," as my colleague Ben Gilbert puts it.

  • Joey Payne