Who Are the Voice Actors in God of War?

Who Are the Voice Actors in God of War?


God of War releases today for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation4 Pro. It's a sentiment you can imagine the developers reflecting on, as they have kids of their own and go about the business of revisiting a game with a decade's worth of hindsight. Moreover, as you progress and the combat challenge gets harder, Hacksilver is going to be your friend. When Atreus is not looking, Kratos reaches toward him and pauses, aware of a void in their relationship, but incapable of filling it, and deals with the consequences of his emotional failure throughout the game. Other than the time you spend in the menus, the game as you play it is near seamless. One thing I didn't expect to enjoy in terms of action is a combat technique I've been refusing to use across several games for years.

Nearly every thing in God Of War is breakable, and most things will give you Hacksilver, which is very useful to purchase nearly anything in the game. I guess this comes from old playstyle habits; I used to absorb games a bit more passively and didn't like having to think so much when it came to hacking and slashing my way through a hoard.

Anticipation around God Of War has been high ever since the reimagining of the story was announced nearly two years ago.

If you are curious to see how the controller layout looks like in God of War PS4, you can see it in the image below taken directly from the game. Throwing the axe at weak points always does extra damage, but with more unlocked skills it can freeze enemies in spot, give you extra bonuses upon hit and much more. If you feel like too many foes are coming at you at once, command Atreus to fire off some arrows to steal their attention.

New God of War game is out and Sony managed to produce another great game. Living as a man outside the shadow of the gods, Kratos must adapt to unfamiliar lands, unexpected threats, and a second chance at being a father. The stunning set pieces - which bring alive the worlds of Norse myth - and fast-paced button-mashing fights with gods and monsters are still among the game's highlights.

Another really important part of the game.

Nonetheless, it's an impressive achievement for the game, and is good, early marker for just how popular the PlayStation 4 exclusive is. The game is deeper, richer, and better than ever before.

  • Terrell Bush