PM Modi completes three-nation Europe tour, back in India

Officials handling the prime ministerial visit accepted these protests as "part and parcel of any democratic society" but there are now concerns being raised over how certain groups seemed to hijack the protests, giving them an aggressive tone. On Wednesday some protesters at Parliament Square pulled down the Indian tricolour from the official flagpoles set up for all 53 Commonwealth countries to mark the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). The flag was immediately replaced. "Enquiries continue", a Metropolitan Police statement said.

The British government yesterday announced a new India-UK trade partnership after Prime Minister Modi held talks with his British counterpart Theresa May.

According to agency reports, almost 500 protesters were gathered upon Parliament Square holding placards that read "Modi go home" while others condemned the incidents of rape. We have been warning against some of these elements out to make trouble and they have assured us of action. The group also included some Kashmiri separatist groups, according to DNA. Modi also said that they carried out the attack after Indian soldiers were killed in an attack from the Pakistani side of the LoC. Hundreds of supporters and protestors had awaited Modi's arrival in London, holding placards and shouting slogans at Downing Street and the British Parliament.

"Some will conclude the act by protesters of removing the Indian flag was disrespectful, but how can this simple act of defiance be compared to promoting and protecting killers and rapists by those in power in India". "Hindu nationalism must be curtailed to avert India sliding towards wholesale dictatorship threatening democratic fabric, rule of law and the unity of India", a Caste Watch UK spokesperson was quoted as saying by PTI. The journalist said that she was intimidated by the protesters when she approached them with her question.

At the "Bharat Ki Baat, Sabke Saath" event in London, PM Modi said that "rape is rape" and shouldn't be politicized.

  • Kyle Peterson