Woman Arrested For Multiple Murders Likely Being Extradited To Florida

Fifty-six-year-old Lois Riess is being held in the Cameron County jail in South Texas on Florida charges that include murder with a firearm.

Investigators are seeking to extradite to Florida the Minnesota grandmother accused of killing her husband and a Florida woman in an effort to steal her identity, police said Saturday. Hair she tossed as she sat in a Florida bar earlier this month as she chatted up Pamela Hutchinson just days before police say she killed her. Once the legal process plays out there, she will come back home to Minnesota to face another round of those charges.

Cameron County prosecutor Edward Sandoval says Riess will attend an extradition hearing Monday to send her to Florida.

He had seen the seven-second video that showed Riess making the same gesture with her hair as she befriended a woman at an oceanside bar in Fort Myers Beach the week before.

Deputy U.S. Marshal John Kinsey confirmed Riess claimed a prize at the Coushatta Casino Resort in Kinder, La., on April 8.

South Padre Island is about 25 miles (40 kilometers) from the nearest border cross into Mexico. It wasn't until April 9 that authorities found Hutchinson shot dead in unit 404 of the Marina Village condos.

Though Riess had Hutchinson's ID, she chose to use her own to collect the jackpot, Kinsey said.

Higgenbottom is being called a hero.

  • Rogelio Becker