Local elections: Wyre Forrest - Conservative hold

"Jeremy is massively popular in Islington", Cllr Watts said.

Remains under no overall control, despite Conservatives gaining 3 seats. UKIP has lost over 120 councillors and the Greens have a net increase of eight councillors.

If the results were replicated at the next election, it would mean a hung parliament. Some seats were incredibly close and hard fought.

Mrs May visited Wandsworth to congratulate local Tories for holding off the challenge of Labour in the London borough.

"There's work to do to build up that trust". It is the first test of the government since the June general election previous year, when the Conservatives lost majority and are forced to rely on the support of allies in Northern Ireland, the DUP.

Kensington and Chelsea stayed blue, despite anger over the Grenfell Tower fire.

In 2017 the Tory share of the vote was 48%, with Labour second with 27% and the Lib Dems on 23%.

The Lib Dems have gained four councils, two of them in London.

From early on, it was clear that the party were set to struggle in key wards in the west of the borough where the Liberal Democrats have their strongest backing in the whole of north London.

The UK Independence Party (UKIP), which has seen its support collapse since the 2016 vote for Brexit, was all but wiped out, while the pro-European Liberal Democrat party made gains.

The Labour group leader retains his position.

Controversially, it took control of Pendle council in Lancashire by just a single seat after it reinstated a Tory councillor who had been suspended by party officials for making a racist "joke" on Facebook. He looked at me as if to say, are you sure?

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was in Plymouth on Friday hailing the result there saying: "What you've done in Plymouth is stand up for the people".

But it wasn't all good news for Labour.

There had been fears Labour's anti-Semitism row would affect the party's performance in areas with a high Jewish population.

However, the Labour party, also beset by a controversy over its strategy for dealing with anti-Semitism within its ranks, failed to gain much ground.

Defeated councillor Adam Langleben said Labour had been "punished" by voters over what he characterised as the national party's refusal to confront the issue. He should apologise to Jewish communities. The party also took Three Rivers, Kingston and South Cambridgeshire. Nikki Uppal received more than 800 votes - behind Labour but above the Lib Dems, Conservatives and Greens. Joining Sophy will be former Cabinet minister Justine Greening, Conservative Party chairman Brandon Lewis and Labour Party chairman Ian Lavery.

  • Rogelio Becker