Final Days for West Virginia US Senate Primary Race

Former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship is seeking the West Virginia seat now held by Sen.

According to the Blankenship campaign, the offender has recently talked to his probation officer, who wasn't concerned about the economic disclosure. "I have not ruled out anything", Blankenship told CBS News on Sunday, adding, "I've said that I can not let him win because of the opioid connection and planned parenthood connection".

Blankenship's new radio advertisement notes, "The fake news is also pretending to be offended by the use of my words, 'China people.' They seem not to realize that China is a country, not a race".

Blankenship is at odds with McConnell, who he says is "spending millions to defeat me".

The Senate Leadership Fund, a pro-McConnell PAC, fired back Thursday, pointing out that Blankenship himself considered moving to China back in 2009. "And I know what it's like to go hungry when the markets down for coal", said Paula Jean Swearengin, (D) Candidate for U.S. Senate. "I'd rather be in China, but the hard work and the effort and the creativity that we put into running businesses in the USA would be much more valuable in other places".

Blankenship's reference to "Cocaine Mitch" stems from a 2014 magazine article alleging that drugs were found aboard a commercial cargo ship owned by Chao's family. Her father serves as chairman of a shipping company. We have worked closely with the President.

In the Republican primary it's a fight over being the biggest backer of President Trump.

"I am not just ready to help President Trump drain the swamp— I am the only candidate that is capable of doing so".

"I've said that I can not let him win because of the opioid connection and planned parenthood connection", he said.

Jenkins and Morrisey aso distanced themselves from McConnell during a recent debate, when no one raised their hands to say they'd support McConnell as majority leader.

Blankenship attacked Trump Jr. for weighing in on the race, calling him the "establishment".

Morrisey responded to Blankenship's suggestion that he wouldn't rule out a third party run, saying in a campaign statement, "Don Blankenship proved that his candidacy is nothing more than a vanity run, and he is more than willing to betray conservatives and Republicans if he loses the primary Tuesday evening".

  • Rogelio Becker