Israeli force fires missile into northern Gaza

Six people were killed in an unexplained explosion in the central Gaza Strip on Saturday, health officials said, with Hamas's military wing saying they were members of its forces.

An IDF spokesman said that IDF forces securing the border spotted three Palestinians who infiltrated Israeli territory through the security fence and attempted to damage security equipment in the area.

Palestinian Health Ministry identified two of the deceased as 23-year-old Bahaa Qdeih and 20-year-old Mohammed Abu Rida.

It says it only opens fire when necessary to stop infiltrations, attacks and attempts to damage the fence.

Hamas' military wing has said Israel is responsible for the explosion, which they claim killed six Hamas fighters, Reuters news agency reported.

On the following day, Palestinians mark the "nakba", or catastrophe, to commemorate the anniversary of their mass uprooting during the 1948 war over Israel's creation. The Israeli regime has faced worldwide criticism over its use of live fire. He said the men had been close to the border fence, but that he was not sure if they actually crossed into Israel. The Israeli military aggression killed almost 2,200 Palestinians and injured over 11,100 others. Eighty-three people were wounded by live ammunition from Israeli troops.

Hundreds more have been wounded by gunfire.

The statement was unclear about whether the Palestinians managed to get into Israel.

It added that Palestinian protesters managed to down two military surveillance drones using slingshots, and quoted the army claiming the drones, Phantom 3 and Matrice, are surveillance only UAV's and do not carry classified intelligence.

The leadership of the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza strip through various channels gave Israel a proposal to engage in negotiations on long-term pacification ("udna") and the exchange of bodies and prisoners.

Israel says Hamas, the militant group which dominates Gaza, is orchestrating the demonstrations in order to launch attacks.

  • Rogelio Becker