Microsoft Isn't Done With Kinect Yet

Microsoft also detailed its new Your Phone iOS app for Windows 10. Brainwave allows developers to deploy machine learning models onto programmable silicon and achieve high performance beyond what they'd be able to get from a CPU or GPU.

Building on our shared commitment to developers and open source, Microsoft announced a new partnership with GitHub that brings the power of Azure DevOps services to GitHub customers.

The new Project Kinect for Azure reintroduces the sensor with a brand new objective; it is designed for AI developers to create tools on the cloud-based Azure platform.

The product is called Project Kinect for Azure.

As Microsoft announced today, Azure IoT Edge, which sits on top of Microsoft's IoT Hub service, is now getting support for Microsoft's Cognitive Services APIs, for example, as well as support for Event Grid and Kubernetes containers.

New Azure Cognitive Services updates include a unified Speech service with improved speech recognition and text-to-speech, which support customized voice models and translation.

Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing service has always been tangentially related to the company's burgeoning AI ambitions, but that all changes today.

He also talked about Microsoft's Project Brainwave computer chip initiative that is now available for Azure coders in a test or preview version.

While Build is focused on developers, some of the products and services that emerge from the conference may have a major impact on businesses that use Microsoft products both on-premises and in the cloud.

Adaptive Cards now supported within Microsoft 365 enable developers to create rich, interactive content in messages coming from their apps, bots or services into Teams and Outlook.

There's a Time of Flight Sensor, IR sensors and Microsoft's next-generation depth camera with a resolution of 1024×1024 (up from 640×480) on board.

SEATTLE-For the second year running, Microsoft is ramping up tie-ins between iOS and Android mobile devices and Windows 10.

The Microsoft Launcher app on Android will support Enterprise customers, including line of business apps discovery and IT advisement on configuration.

  • Joey Payne