Nebraska woman suffers from brain fluid leak

"Everywhere I went I always had a box of puffs, always stuffed in my pocket", said Jackson.

Countless doctors told her the same thing: it was just allergies.

A woman in Nebraska who thought she was suffering from a bad allergies was told by doctors that her runny nose was actually caused by her leaking brain fluid.

It wasn't until this year that Jackson realized that the actual reason her nose was always runny: she'd a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow.

"Doctor after doctor told Kendra the fluid coming out of her nose was because of allergies".

Cerebral spinal fluid leak results when the fluid around the brain (called cerebral spinal fluid) leaks through a hole through the skull bone. Kendra Jackson headed to her checkup appointment at Nebraska Medicine.

CSF is a clear liquid that flows between the brain and its outer covering, and between the spinal cord and its outer covering.

While doctors aren't sure why Jackson developed a CSF leak, she did say she had a auto accident with head trauma in 2013, and symptoms started a few years after that, KETV 7 reported. She recalls hitting her head on the dashboard, which would explain her chronic headaches - but not the cold symptoms.

What started as a runny nose, just would not stop. However, due to the risk of meningitis, more severe cases of the condition can be treated with endonasal endoscopic surgery-where medics operate on a patient using a camera and tools sent through the nose.

'I was so healthy up until I had the auto accident, ' Kendra says.

"I actually don't need to tote around the tissue anymore, and I'm getting some sleep", she told the information channel.

Following her surgery last month, Jackson said that she has her life back.

'She probably thought I was insane, because I said "I am not going to leave until you figure out what's wrong with me,"' Kendra recalls.

"Cerebrospinal fluid from her brain was stripping from her nose" Nebraska medication composed at a Facebook post on Friday. For the first time in five years, she was able to get a good night's sleep.

'Even in my own kitchen, when I went to pull something out of the oven, I had to plug my nose up, ' she says. For one Nebraska woman, that nightmare was her reality.

Her leaking nose 'interfered with me for five years, so I'm trying to get back on a regular schedule.

Nebraska Medicine rhinologist Dr. Christie Barnes and neurosurgeon Dr. Dan Surdell completed surgery on Jackson recently.

Now, 'I feel great, ' Kendra says.

The doctors told Jackson that she was losing an estimated half-pint of the fluid per day through her nose, according to KETV.

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