President Trump Congratulates Mike DeWine On Big Win in Ohio

Cordray has previously served as Ohio State Treasurer, the state's Attorney General, as well as on the federal level as a consumer watchdog under President Barack Obama.

"We just didn't have the resources in order to match Cordray's TV buys at the end and we just relied on grass roots but when you rely on grass roots, and it's the first time that you've ran a statewide race, it's hard to pick up those casual Democratic voters who didn't watch the debate, who didn't go to the town halls, that aren't engaged until the very end", Schiavoni said.

According to the Athens Board of Elections and the office of the Ohio Secretary of State, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray will be their respective party's nominees for the Ohio governor race in November.

On the Republican side, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine defeated Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor by 60 percent to 40 percent. He was endorsed by the Ohio Republican Party and was bolstered by his partnership with Husted, who dropped his own governor bid to become a running mate.

On the other hand, Democratic Party officials in the state argued their Republican counterparts suffered some bruising and divisive primaries.

OH voters have chosen Mike DeWine and Richard Cordray, respectively, as the Republican and Democratic candidates in the gubernatorial race.

Corday was backed by Massachusetts Democratic Sen.

But Kucinich, a feisty former Cleveland mayor who twice ran for president, energized voters with a liberal anti-gun, pro-environment platform.

Ohio's roller-coaster gubernatorial primary season will be decided Tuesday as Republicans and Democrats vote for their nominees to replace term-limited Republican Gov. John Kasich. Ultimately, 147,303 more Republicans than Democrats showed up to cast primary ballots for governor. The Cordray-Sutton marketing campaign is anticipated to give attention to the candidates' efforts towards shopper fraud, political corruption and voter disenfranchisement. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

Mr. DeWine won the Republican nomination with almost 60 percent of the vote.

Cordray's lively primary against Kucinich and two other main contenders, state Sen.

Other offices that were voted on include OH state supreme court justice, treasurer, auditor, secretary of state, attorney general, state representative, court of appeals judges, county auditor and county commissioner. But Cordray has been critical of the lack of transparency at JobsOhio, which DeWine supports, but has also said should be more transparent.

Blaine Kelly, the party's spokesperson, says they now plan to harness that enthusiasm to reach out to independents and what he calls disaffected Democrats.

  • Rogelio Becker