Google rolls out Assistant's new voices in US

Google rolls out Assistant's new voices in US


You could call this on-device machine learning. Soon, the American singer could be wishing you goodnight on your phone, around the house or in your vehicle.

The changes are welcome, but there's more the tech companies could do, especially given how much data they collect about us.

"They're also letting the beta run on more third-party phones", he told TechNewsWorld.

"Time spent" dashboard - Android P's system software will come with a dashboard that's like a calorie counter for your digital life. It can do that for 60 percent or so.

The feature is clearly a reaction to the problem of "fake news".

Apps like Gmail will use smart prediction to predict and help you write your emails faster. Has this improved Android for you?

OK, Google. Thanks for saving us from you.

"If you've grown up watching "Star Trek TNG" like me then you probably considered natural voice interactions with computers a thing of the future", read a post by Andreas Schafer in the blog chat forum. The phone adapts to you and will try to help you get to your next task more quickly.

Google Lens, which is incorporated into the Google Photos and Assistant apps, is also gaining new features.

The company announced the update at its annual developer conference on Tuesday.

Your phone will split your screen in two, with the top showing the Street View overlay, while the bottom half will still display the maps layout. Android Nougat now holds the largest market share among the different versions of the mobile operating system and is expected to continue its dominance until next year. There is also the more straightforward fact that Google has thus far behaved much like Facebook in that it tries its best to remain neutral, and in doing so has allowed a series of negative effects to flourish, allowing popularity or virality rather than quality to determine how often something is seen. I guess the AI is as smart as the manager behind the project.

We all know that Google always delivers the beta version of its operating systems only to its own devices including Pixel and Nexus smartphones.

  • Terrell Bush