Mendoza: James to resume his kingly ways vs Boston?

LeBron James moved past both Jerry West (859) and Wilt Chamberlain (842) during the 2017 Eastern Conference finals while stopping the Celtics in five games.

Per usual, then, the Celtics will roll out their standard cast approach to covering James, who has averaged an NBA-leading 34.3 points along with nine assists per game in the postseason. With that in mind, it will be interesting to see how he performs against the Cavs during the upcoming series, especially with the stakes so high; something that can lead to struggles especially for young players like Tatum. "It's nothing against the defense", said Terry Rozier. Well, the final boss is really the four-headed Golden State monster that will likely represent the Western Conference in the Finals.

Morris acknowledged that no one person can guard James, but that doesn't meant there isn't a formula to guarding him. "There's only so much you can do". “Obviously guys been going down all year and its like you never know whos going to down. And that plan centers around forward Marcus Morris defending LeBron.

On the offensive end, Brown is becoming a reliable option. The best player of this generation.

Korver and Smith are similar to Philadelphia shooters J.J. Redick and Marco Belinelli, whom the C's defended in the previous round, in the vein that all are more than capable of draining catch-and-shoot 3s with little to no airspace. After coming off the bench during last year's conference finals, Brown is now a starter and will be counted on more than he's used to. With injuries, without, we were the No. 2 seed, so obviously we were doing something great all season and what [a reporter] said is true, you can keep counting us out. His statistics aren't too appealing for an All-Star, but he has made his presence felt nonetheless. He joined Utah's Donovan Mitchell, who did it over the first two rounds for a Jazz team ousted by the Houston Rockets on Tuesday. For Morris, he says there's only one player in the National Basketball Association who guards James better than him. After 2014, when the Pacers finally had home court advantage, th Lance Stephenson departure, the feud between Paul George and Roy Hibbert and George breaking his leg set thing in motion, eventually breaking up that group and Frank Vogel getting fired.

In some ways this is a similar matchup to the Celtics and Cavaliers. (The Celtics were 1-point favorites; they won 114-112.) A bettor who placed a $100 bet on the Celtics to win the series before it started would have won $325, given that the Celtics were +325 underdogs to win the series. The Celtics are better equipped to try and slow down James than the Raptors, but you can not expect anyone to actually be capable of doing it.

Year-to-year, LeBron's supporting cast doesn't seem to matter.

"There's not going to be one guy that's going to be able to defend him", Morris said after Celtics practice on Saturday, the team's last tune-up prior to Game 1 against the Cavaliers. Starting with the 2008 National Basketball Association season and ending with a preview of the upcoming matchup. This is not to say the team can't make a trip to the Finals with their current roster, but they are facing some slim odds.

James' early life was not exactly easy, but through the perseverance of his mother, Gloria Marie James, the support of many friends and his own dedication, he managed to make a better life for himself. And he knows that his players have fed off the perception that they can't be competitive while playing without injured All-Stars Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving.

  • Stacy Allen