Only for India, Facebook rolls out fresh updates for stories

Only for India, Facebook rolls out fresh updates for stories


Three of the new features on the online social media and networking service, Facebook, will be coming to India before they roll to the rest of the world. The changes are mostly created to give users more ways to save photos and videos directly on Facebook. These photos will not be saved on the users' phones but will only be accessible on their Facebook account. They will be given the option to save the photos and videos directly to their Facebook account. Voice posts are audio-only clips that you record when posting a Story or upload as a file, along with a photo that was taken previously. A few of the features appear to be catering towards users with entry-level devices that live in areas with the low-bandwidth internet, or with limited space on their phone. We can only assume that we are going to see a lot of bathroom singers. Voice posts, which are also being introduced, give people a new medium through which they can express themselves.

Sharing audio on Facebook stories. Connor Hays, the Director of Product Management for the Facebook Stories team add that the team has been talking to the community to understand how they use Facebook Stories. The feature will be an opt-in addition and users will have the option to either permanently delete these or reshare it again either as a Story or a post at a later date.

Though the waving of the phone could not be avoided, this new feature will certainly reduce the time of waiting before you can actually start to enjoy your meal.

Like on Instagram, the stories posted on Facebook disappear automatically after 24-hours.

Facebook is interestingly bringing its Voice Posts feature first to Facebook Lite users, though Android users on the regular Facebook app will see its availability in the coming months.

You'll need to tap the Archive button (looks like a small clock) that is located in the Stories section above your News Feed.

For now, the updates are only rolling out to users in India, but Facebook says they will soon arrive worldwide, according to TechCrunch.

That, in and of itself, wouldn't be exciting: both Snapchat and Instagram already offer options for saving Stories so they won't disappear. "You can still find it in your Stories Archive if you have Archive turned on", Facebook explained.

During their journey in India, the Stories team found that photos and videos are not always the best way to share content.

  • Terrell Bush