Chrissy Teigen gives birth to second child

Congratulations are in order for new parents John Legend and Chrissy Teigen!

The lovely mother of one and wife of the Grammy award-winning singer, Chrissy Teigen took to her Twitter handle on Wednesday, May 17, 2018, where she announced the good news.

"Somebody's herrrrrrre!" she announced with baby bottle emojis.

She and her husband, John, 39 are also parents of a two year old daughter, Luna. When Luna was born fans only had to wait a couple days to get a glance of the new baby and happy mother.

They are yet to reveal the name of their baby boy.

We don't know any details about the new addition to the Teigen-Legend house. The caption of the popular Instagram post reading "it's john's!".

"The first little girl didn't work, and then the second is Luna", shared Teigen in an interview at the time. She tweeted last week about being completely over with being pregnant. She had said to Ellen DeGeneres in February, that she is having a baby boy in the spring.

Chrissy and John wanted a sibling for Luna (their 2 year old daughter) irrespective of the sex.

The pair Wednesday in 2013 and had been open about their struggle to start a family, ultimately turning to IVF to expand their brood, and it sounds like they're not done yet!

"She knows to call it a baby, but I don't know if she's clarified what that really means to her."
"A boy. So. Yeah", she wrote on Twitter, referencing the couple's use of in vitro fertilization.

  • Kyle Peterson