Whitney Houston Doc Includes Accusation That Cousin Dee Dee Warwick Molested Her

Whitney Houston, late singer, was sexually abused by her cousin Dee Dee Warwick, according to a new documentary about her life.

As for why Whitney never told her mother about the alleged abuse, Jones said she was extremely embarrassed about it.

When Cissy Houston, who also had a successful singing career singing backup for Franklin and Elvis Presley, went on tour, she would often leave her children with relatives, according to the documentary.

"Being a child-being seven, eight, nine years old-and being molested by a female family member of mine", he told Kevin Macdonald, the film's director.

Dee Dee Warwick was the niece of Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston.

Officially sanctioned by Whitney's estate, it features the singer as she deals with her family life, fame, and struggles with drug addiction. Yet, when he was made aware of this revelation about Houston's troubled youth, Macdonald re-edited the entire film to build to that sad and deeply, deeply haunting reality of the sexual abuse to which Houston fell victim as a child.

While Houston never publically discussed the abuse, Whitney producer Simon Chinn said of the revelations in a statement, "We always wanted our film to be a corrective to that tabloid story. I'm surmising that, I don't know that, but it feels like there's a lot of guilt, and a kind of posturing, and a self-protectiveness that's still going on there", the filmmaker said.

'He told me that he was abused by a woman in the family, and Pat Houston told me that, yes, Whitney had said to her, "This is what happened", he said. Some of the people who sat down for interviews include Houston's ex-husband Bobby Brown, Arista Records founder Clive Davis (who discovered her), and Kevin Costner with whom she co-starred in The Bodyguard.

Bobbi Kristina watches Whitney perform in Italy in 2010.

Macdonald says Whitney Houston's mother, Cissy Houston, has been informed about the accusations made in the documentary: "Cissy knows".

"I think she was ashamed... she used to say, 'I wonder if I did something to make [Dee Dee] think I wanted her.' I said, 'Stop". "When you hear Mary Jones talking about it at the end, the shame that Whitney had about it, the fact that she couldn't talk to her own mother about it ..."

He explains, "She seemed kind of asexual in a unusual way..." She died aged 63 in 2008. She was a handsome woman, but she was never particularly sexy.

It would mean that the singer would have been a toddler at the time of the alleged abuse.

"It's a quality that's slightly different to other celebrities I've worked with - the level of fascinating debate and dissection is far, far higher with her".

  • Kyle Peterson