U.S. Naval Academy graduation; Trump delivers remarks

It was a very nice statement they put out. We'd like to do it. "A lot of things have happened, we're respected again".

"We know that the best way to prevent war is to be fully prepared for war and hopefully we never have to use all of this handsome new powerful new equipment", Trump said.

However, there's no indication behind the scenes that the June 12th date is really in play. Leaving the White House en route to the Naval Academy, the president said the U.S.is talking to North Korea about trying to revive a nuclear summit next month. They had traveled last weekend to Singapore and were stood up by the North Koreans. "Yes, they are respecting us again".

The president also touted his administration's work in securing $700 billionfor our nation's "war fighters", and said we will have the strongest military ever.

Carlos Barria  Reuters
Carlos Barria Reuters

As he hailed the late Bruce Van Voorhis of the class of 1929, a war hero and one-time Nevadan, Trump joked that the Naval Academy graduate "spent most of his time teaching city slickers from the East the correct pronunciation of Nevada". But he also took time to hint that America has become stronger than ever during his presidency, and the country isn't apologizing for its behavior any longer.

"In every generation there have been cynics and critics who tried to tear down America". It's not working too well lately. "In recent years, the problem grew worse".

"A growing number used their platforms to denigrate America's incredible heritage, challenge America's sovereignty and weaken America's pride", he said. "We have rediscovered our identity, regained our stride and we're proud again", Trump said. "We are not going to apologize for America".

President Donald Trump walks out of the White House in Washington, Friday, May 25, 2018, as he heads to Marine One for a short trip to Annapolis, Md., to speak at the United States Naval Academy graduation.

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