Solo: A Star Wars Story has disappointing $83.3 million three-day opening

We knew Solo: A Star Wars Story was going to feature legacy Star Wars characters Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich), Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) and Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo), but there's technically another legacy character who's been hiding in plain sight in the new movie. The film managed to bring in $16.5 million for the the weekend and has an estimated 4-day weekend total of $20.1 million. For instance, Solo had a $3.3 million opening day in the second biggest market for American blockbusters in the world, almost two-thirds down from The Last Jedi's also anemic $9.7 million opening day. The Pirates film earned $139.8 million during its debut weekend in 2007.

In order for Solo to take Pirates' record for the full Memorial Day Weekend, the film will have to surpass $153 million. The sequel still has a ways to go to catch-up to the first film however, which remains the second-highest R-rated film domestically at $363 million. But the studio has been developing its slate of character-driven standalone Star Wars films for a while now.

As it stands, a $100 million four-day opening would be less than the launch for "The Hangover Part II", which made $103 million in 2011.

"Solo" came in with a Millennium Falcon's worth of baggage following the mid-production firing of directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who were replaced by Ron Howard. "Solo" grossed $65 million internationally in its opening weekend, including a paltry $10.1 million in China.

Superheroes will also claim the No. 3 spot, as Disney and Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War adds about $16.5 million to its domestic haul in its fifth week.

Mangold previous year brought prestige to the super hero genre with Logan, which he co-wrote and directed; the movie was produced by Kinberg.

Competition and less-than-ideal holiday weekend positioning are factors in the low box office, no question. If this trend continues Star Wars seems likely to remain a mostly Western fantasy....

This was mostly because he just looked really cool and could fly.

If "Solo" was a better movie, this would all be moot.

  • Kyle Peterson