Bethesda Might Be Teasing A New Fallout Game

Bethesda Might Be Teasing A New Fallout Game


It is unknown what Fallout game Bethesda could be teasing.

Although, on May 29th, Bethesda released a number of cryptic posts on social media with the classic "Please Stand By" Fallout tagline, which has sent the community into a frenzy regarding what could be coming in the future.

Bethesda has released various teasers across social media regarding something to do with the ever-popular "Fallout" series which has caused a massive stir across the gaming world. This kind of makes sense with the tweet, seeing as how the "Please Stand By" screen shows bits of color. "Asking for a friend #ItsNotUs" they tweeted.

The exact nature of what this release will be is, of course, now unknown.

Bethesda is teasing something Fallout related today. Could a new Fallout game be on the way? If this new announcement is any indication, this might be a spin-off to Fallout 4 or perhaps a brand new Fallout 5, although the latter seems to be highly unlikely since Fallout games are known for their large development cycle.

Although we don't know anything more about this Fallout game, Kotaku's Jason Schreier claimed that he didn't want to spoil the announcement, however, it's something new and something different. "Fallout 4" sold 12 million units at launch, surpassing 2011's "Skyrim" as the fastest-selling title in Bethesda history.

  • Terrell Bush