North Korean official headed to NY, says US President Donald Trump

But Kim also said he was unsure whether he could trust the US over its promise to end hostile policies against North Korea and provide security assurances if the country does abandon its nuclear weapons, according to Moon. "Solid response to my letter, thank you!" he tweeted.

"It's far harder to keep up with and predict Korean developments".

Kim was probably headed to NY, where North Korea has a mission to the United Nations, rather than to Washington because it was easier for him to get a visa there, another USA diplomat said.

"If it can't, I think their recommendation would be that the president delay the summit", Keane said. "Whether they do it by the 12th or not, Trump seems eager to have it back on track".

Sanders also revealed in the statement that a US delegation, headed by USA veteran diplomat Sung Kim, was meeting with DPRK officials at the demilitarized zone (DMZ), with more meetings expected later this week.

Plans for the high-stakes summit have been in flux for days. Modern-day presidential summits have the results agreed to before the leaders sit down. Trump over the weekend denied that official's existence.

"Our study of [North Korea's] nuclear program identifies the most important initial steps to take toward denuclearization: no nuclear tests, no intermediate or long-range missile tests, no more production of [plutonium and highly enriched uranium], and no export of nuclear weapons, materials, or tech", Hecker said in a tweet on Tuesday.

"His staff would be jumping up and down screaming not to do it, knowing these people, knowing these people all too well", he said.

Although Keane admitted that Kim "likely" will not agree "with all of that", he speculated that the summit's fate could be "resolved through negotiation". That angered Trump, who then wrote a letter to Kim Jong-un calling off their summit.

Meanwhile, a team of American diplomats involved in preparatory discussions was seen leaving a Seoul hotel on Tuesday, but it was unclear whether they went to Panmunjom, a village that straddles the border inside the Demilitarized Zone, to continue talks with their North Korean counterparts following their first meeting on Sunday.

He said: "But in this recent frenzy of diplomacy, I think that Russian Federation has felt a bit left out and there are suggestions that President Vladimir Putin wants a summit with Kim".

The White House press secretary additionally announced that Trump will meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on June 7 in Washington.

The talks indicate that planning for the unprecedented summit on curbing Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programme, initially scheduled for June 12, is moving ahead after Mr. Trump called it off last week in a letter to the North's leader, Kim Jong-un.

The Trump administration issued a fresh warning Tuesday about malicious North Korean cyber activity, as that nation's leader dispatched a top adviser to NY to prepare for a possible summit on its nuclear arsenal.

North Korea might not be willing to denuclearise - but it's open to launching an American-style fast-food joint in its capital as a show of goodwill to US President Donald Trump, according to a report Tuesday.

The White House said a "pre-advance" team was travelling to Singapore to meet with North Koreans.

Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to confirm that the official, Kim Yong Chol, was on his way to the US. "We're still finalizing exactly what these meetings will look like". He is expected to arrive in NY on Thursday NZT. Nauert said she would not get into the "nitty-gritty" of what each will focus on, but said each team is discussing different pieces of the issue based on its expertise. Mr Kim Yong Chol, the vice-chairman of North Korea, heading now to NY.

To travel to the US, Kim had to be given a waiver from sanctions.

  • Rogelio Becker