New body cam video released in Memorial Day beach arrest

Police have posted three body camera videos showing the encounter and violent arrest of a woman cited for underage drinking in Wildwood over the Memorial Day weekend. "Even NJ Governor Phil Murphy has said that the video was 'pretty darn disturbing, '" NJ Criminal Trial Attorney, Bob Stahl tells EXCLUSIVELY.

According to the statement, Weinman was charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, aggravated assault by spitting at a police officer, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstruction and with being a minor in possession of alcohol.

One of the officers punched Weinman as she resisted, and as she was being cuffed, she spat in the officer's direction before being taken to a nearby police vehicle.

Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano says the body camera footage will show the woman spitting at the officers and kicking one in the groin.

The officers involved were put on "administrative duty".

A video that's now gone viral shows a Wildwood police officer punching Weinman during the arrest. Weinman said she passed the breathalyzer test police administered after asking for her age. Did she deserve to get hit?

Wildwood Police Chief Robert Regalbuto said he finds the video "alarming" but doesn't want to "rush to any judgment" until the investigation is complete.

She said the officer tackled her to the ground, forcing her to black out. "I keep hearing this, you know, 'She's just a woman she's just a woman.' She's a combatant at that point". The officer can be heard saying "that's it" before striking Weinman in the head, She is handcuffed and walked to a police vehicle.

The mayor says the body cam video confirms his officers did the right thing under intense pressure. She went on to add that she was "partly wrong in a way" for not giving the officer her name, but that she didn't comply out of fear, NBC Philadelphia reported.

"Officers have to use only the modicum of force necessary to effect a lawful arrest. At that point, the police officer did what he had to do".

"That's it", the officer says and begins to punch her multiple times in the head. "Matthew, they're choking me".

There were a total of three body cam videos released.

In a Monday Facebook post, which has since been taken down, Weinman admitted to possessing alcohol, but that she hadn't been drinking.

After the camera is turned back on, Weinman is heard screaming as officers try to handcuff.

  • Rogelio Becker