Missouri Governor Greitens resigns

Eric Greitens' planned resignation as Missouri governor has elevated another Republican military veteran to the office, but one with more experience in working with state lawmakers.

Greitens, 44, said his resignation will be effective Friday at 5 p.m.

"The last few months have been incredibly hard for me, for my family, for my team, for my friends, and many, many people that I love", he said, saying he was the victim of "legal harassment".

Mr Greitens said he had worked through the adultery with his wife, but denied blackmailing the other woman.

The 44-year-old governor made the announcement almost 17 months after taking the oath of the office with a pledge to root out "corrupt career politicians".

The Republican-controlled Missouri General Assembly on May 18 began a special session to consider what disciplinary steps to take against the first-term Republican governor, including possible impeachment.

Greitens' administration was thrown into chaos the night of January 10, when a St. Louis TV station aired a report about Greitens allegedly taking the compromising photo and threatening to blackmail the woman if she ever spoke of their encounter. Greitens had faced possibly being impeached by the state House over investigations of his political and personal life. That prompted the Missouri House to form a special investigatory committee.

Senate Minority Leader Gina Walsh, D-St. "I can't comment on what special prosecutor Jean Peters Baker will do", Gardner said at her press conference.

Mr. Greitens has admitted the affair but said that it was consensual and that he didn't break any laws.

"Now is the time for the people of Missouri to come together and work toward a better future for our state".

April 17 - Hawley announces that Greitens may have committed a felony by taking The Mission Continues' donor list and using it for political fundraising without the charity's permission.

Eventually, the scandal also unspooled into a separate case looking into the illegal use of a charity donor list to raise campaign funds. Retiree Wilma Nelson said she would be open to voting for Greitens again if he sought to re-enter politics.

The prosecutor's office in St. Louis will drop a felony charge of computer data tampering against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, now that the Republican governor has announced his resignation.

Martin said a deal to give up an elected office in exchange for the dismissal of criminal matters is unusual, but not unique.

Earlier Tuesday, a judge also ruled that a secretive pro-Greitens nonprofit group called A New Missouri must comply with a legislative subpoena for any documents or communications showing potential coordination between the organization, Greitens and his campaign committee. "I'm not flawless", he said Tuesday.

Roe said Greitens had been prepared for a two-stage fight.

In February, a St. Louis grand jury charged him with invasion of privacy in relation to the allegations.

"Specifically regarding any deals we made with Governor Greitens' attorneys, no deals were made by my office".

  • Rogelio Becker