Watch Trump straight up lie about reading the letter from Kim Jong

Chol gave President Trump written by Kim Jong-un.

During the upcoming Japan-U.S. summit, Abe is expected to call on Trump to bring up the abduction issue in his meeting with Kim.

Not only the video but the letter itself gained a lot of attention online and people couldn't stop trolling Trump.

While South Korea defence chief Song Young Moo suggested giving Mr Kim the benefit of the doubt, his Japanese counterpart Itsunori Onodera sounded a more cautious tone, warning the audience of Pyongyang having previously reneged on a promise to denuclearise. "I purposely didn't open the letter", said Trump minutes after claiming the letter was "very nice" and "very interesting". "Oh, would you like to see what was in that letter?"

Although Trump has reinstated the summit with Kim Jong-un, he made a point of lowering expectations for that event during a series of remarks outside the South Portico of the White House on Friday, according to the Washington Post. "Instead of seeking a fair transaction, they still want to see North Korea give in to the United States demands first", Cho said. "I could be in for a big surprise, folks". "But the relationships are building, and that's a very positive thing", Trump told reporters after taking photographs with Kim Yong-chol and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

"We are going to discuss it prior to the meeting". You're talking about years of hostility; years of problems; years of, really, hatred between so many different nations. "Not from one meeting", Trump told reporters.

"Kim would begin by praising Trump's leadership and his "bold decision" to build up the summit", said Koh, who is also a policy adviser to the South Korean president. The general public still doesn't know what the letter says, though, so Americans are imagining what they think it contains - from elementary school crush lists to Jersey Shore references. No, I don't see that happening. Hours later, Trump said the summit was potentially back on. Would you like, how much, how much, how much?

US President Donald Trump announced on Friday that a highly-anticipated meeting with Kim Jong-un is back on, after receiving a letter from the North Korean leader.

What came out of the high-level talks between the two Koreas on June 1st? .

The Blue House continued to be cautious Sunday when asked about the prospect of Moon joining Trump and Kim Jong-un in Singapore to declare the war's end.

According to the Post, Kim is demanding to stay at the luxury, five-star Fullerton hotel, where a presidential suite costs more than $6,000 a night.

It remains unclear whether North Korean Vice Marshal Jo Myong Rok was carrying a letter from the late Kim Jong Il, the second North Korean leader, when he visited former President Bill Clinton at the White House in 2000.

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