Apple hits hard on privacy, Memoji in new iOS update

Apple hits hard on privacy, Memoji in new iOS update


Before introducing this major change, Apple senior VP of software engineer Craig Federighi explicitly pointed out that this shouldn't be misconstrued as the "merging" of iOS and MacOS. It'll raise alerts to let customers decide on a case-by-case basis whether they want to let "clever and relentless" data companies track them.

Apple kicks off its annual conference for developers on Monday at 10 a.m.

Apple did not officially announce an iOS 12 release date, but given the software usually launches around the time of new iPhone models in September, you can probably expect it then. The challenge is that many users find these pop-up alerts to be a nuisance and just blindly click on them. An iPhone 6S running iOS 12 will launch apps 40 per cent faster, bring up the keyboard 50 per cent faster and take a photo from the lock screen 70 per cent faster compared to the same phone running iOS 11.

Using drag and drop steps, you can save the voice commands within individual apps. Plus, you can use multiple search parameters at once. Last month, Google unveiled a "digital well-being" initiative at its I/O developers' conference, including new features for Android smartphones that make it easier to activate no-distraction modes and get feedback about excessive app use.

In terms of new software, there's plenty of smoke around big iOS 12 reveals, a watchOS 5 unveiling, and even ARKit 2.0. If you set a bed time, your colorful notification screen will turn a low-glow black so that you're not awoken in the middle of the night with Candy Crush updates.

Photo An Apple store in San Francisco.

Still, iOS 12 will be getting some new features in the form of Augmented reality (AR) improvements, better parental controls, and health features. Also cool: Live Animoji and Memoji are now supported in FaceTime. Also cool is a new "zero sign-in" feature in tvOS 12 that unlocks all supported channel apps automatically, This way as long as your Apple TV is on your pay TV provider's internet network, you don't have to log into channel apps at all for channels included in your pay TV package.

At one point, rumours were circulating that it would introduce universal applications that work across iPad, iPhone and Mac, but more recently the common consensus is that this won't be ready until 2019 or even later.

It has been suggested that Apple is planning to revamp the Mac OS store, which has been neglected for years. That could soon change with iOS 12 where Apple may open the technology up to a variety of other uses, allowing you to use NFC for other tasks such as unlocking doors.

Apple's event is traditionally used to give an early look at the next version of all Apple's software platforms before they are released to the public in the autumn.

  • Terrell Bush