PRIMARY DAY: Here’s What You Need to Know About Today’s Races

The 39th District is one of seven California districts now held by Republicans that Hillary Clinton won in 2016. The Republican primary is close, with polls showing a single percentage point separating Noem and state attorney general Marty Jackley.

On Tuesday, National Republican Senatorial Committee executive director criticized the "years of nothing but embarrassment and scandal from Menendez".

That would mean returning to an election office with a valid have the vote counted later.

Jerry Brown. With a major boost from President Donald Trump's endorsement, Cox consolidated Republicans and edged past Democrat Antonio Villaraigosa, an early favorite to advance. He has strong ties to Southern California, having served as Los Angeles mayor for two terms, and serving on the Los Angeles City Council as well as in the California Assembly prior to that.

Yet nightmare scenarios exist for both parties.

The primary will also likely send two Democrats to the big show for the state's Senate race, with Sen.

Democrats want to take back some control in the state during these midterm elections.

Tuesday afternoon, Fox said she had returned to the precinct and voted. "It just makes me so mad", she said.

Across the country in Montclair, N.J., Lynnette Joy Baskinger, a psychotherapist, said she's fed up with the Republicans. But a mistrial was declared in the case against the senior senator, and Democratic voters outnumber Republican voters by roughly 900,000 in the state.

Cox is conservative and so is she, Gallistil, 62, of Fresno, said. The Democratic primary has seen more energy than usual in the solidly Republican state, coming so soon after Democrat Doug Jones' shocking victory in last year's special Senate election.

The stakes are high in California Tuesday as the state's unconventional election system advances the top two finishers, regardless of party affiliation, to face off in November. That allows the possibility of two candidates from the same party qualifying.

Newsom has said he would prefer to face a Republican and it's understandable because Democrats dominate in California. Gavin Newsom got his vote for governor, Lambert said. He'll face the Trump-backed Cox, a business executive.

It's also possible Republicans may not secure a nomination spot in the challenge against Feinstein. Kevin de Leon in a neck-and-neck battle with Republican James Bradley for second place.

More than 92,000 votes were cast as the race narrows to succeed Republican Gov. Susana Martinez, who can not run for a consecutive third term.

On the other hand, Democrats could be shut out in a handful of House races, which would be a massive blow to the party's fight to claim the House majority this fall.

In Alabama's 2nd District, Rep. Martha Roby faces four Republican challengers including Bobby Bright, a former Democrat who Roby defeated for the seat eight years ago.

And the amount of money being spent on two Democratic primaries for PRC seats is probably unprecedented.

Polls have opened in New Jersey, where Democratic and Republican voters will decide Senate and U.S. House races.

"It's the kind of shake-up that could launch new political careers, or interrupt others", the Journal wrote.

One location that has been particularly busy is the Fresno County Elections office, where many people were taking advantage of a new law that always them to register and vote on Election Day.

Republicans hope that the recent corruption and bribery scandal faced by Menendez will be enough to cast doubt about the incumbent among New Jersey voters.

"My opponent, greedy drug company CEO Bob Hugin, is going to have to answer for his record of driving up prices for cancer patients while making millions for himself", Menendez said.

Democrats have aimed their most aggressive attacks at Rosendale, seizing on his background in Maryland and questions about his experience as a rancher. Diane Feinstein is running for another term. She made the decision after the release of a 2005 "Access Hollywood" tape in which Trump bragged about grabbing women's genitals.

Voters on Tuesday also went to the polls to choose candidates in primaries in Iowa, Mississippi, Alabama, Montana, South Dakota and New Mexico.

Women were trying to make history in a few states. Given Van Drew's more moderate profile (he's pro-gun), Inside Elections predicts this is one of the GOP seats that will likely flip.

  • Rogelio Becker