Apple's new iPhone features address phone addiction

Apple's new iPhone features address phone addiction


You'll then receive a reminder to stop using the app. It is a bit disheartening to see that Apple will no longer provide the latest software update to the device.

The new muscle, introduced by Craig Federighi, Apple's vice president of software engineering at WWDC 2018 this morning, is powered by bolstered on-device machine learning that recognizes your photographic subjects.

Apple could introduce a tool to help users better manage their time on their devices.

TechJuice for Browser: Get breaking news notifications on your browser. New additions could include a way to track and set limits for time spent on certain apps. Parents will be able to set app allowances for their children.

"We're creating tools and features that help people better understand their tech usage, focus on what matters most, disconnect when needed, and create healthy habits", the company said. As the tech company proceeds, what the audiences can expect is a calmer event involving fewer hardware announcements and more software announcements.

The event also included major updates on ARKit, the framework the company released previous year to help developers build augmented-reality apps, including a unified AR file format, improved face tracking, and support for app-makers. Last year's major release, iOS 11, had a bevy of problems related to phone calls, incorrect characters appearing in Apple's iMessage service, apps crashing and appearing on the Home screen in the wrong place. And kids can use an AR Lego kit, placing digital characters and models into the real world.

While no new major gadgets will be previewed or launched at this week's five-day conference, that doesn't mean Apple is falling behind when it comes to new products.

To start the show, Apple showed us a lighthearted view of the community of developers and how developers could encourage one another to build incredible apps. Take Augmented Reality, Apple isn't overhauling its AR system or anything, the firm is simply refining how it works in the release.

On Monday, Apple added a tongue detecting feature, which they announced at the annual developer's conference.

The peek at the new software will come Monday at a gathering in San Jose, California, for thousands of app developers and other computer programmers looking to create their own features for making iPhones, iPads, Macs and other Apple products more useful.

  • Terrell Bush