Amazon Officially Announces The Fire TV Cube

Amazon says the Fire TV Cube is compatible with set-top providers like Comcast, Dish, and DirecTV.

Not only did the blue bar at the top edge of the Fire TV Clube light up with its signature pulsing glow, but the TV connected to the device - and the standing lights to the left and right of the TV - also turned on.

If you don't want to use your voice to control every little thing, then the Fire TV Cube will also ship with the same Alexa remote that we've seen with the existing Fire TV streaming devices. Certain apps, like Netflix, also lack deep integration with Alexa at launch, meaning they may prove easier to navigate with the remote.

"You'll never guess how we came up with the name", Marc Whitten, vice president for Fire TV, deadpanned in an interview. "And, it's just the beginning".

Amazon is launching the Fire TV Cube on June 21 for $120.

The Fire TV Cube features far-field voice recognition technology with a total of eight microphones and an internal speaker. Thanks to a combination of infrared technology and HDMI CEC, the Fire TV can control not only sound bars, TVs, and surround sound systems, but cable and satellite boxes, as well.

The Fire TV Cube is built nearly like an Echo, which means it includes eight far-field microphones so you can talk to it directly without needing a remote and it can hear you even over the sound of the television. Just say, "Alexa, switch to channel 31"; "Alexa, watch ESPN"; or "Alexa, tune to NBC".

Users can even search for TV shows or movies by actor.

The Alexa service is always getting smarter with new features and hands-free voice functionality added regularly. And this one is created to give you more control over the products in your living room.

Alexa is one of the most popular and powerful personal assistants.

The device will sell for $119.99, available starting June 21. Prime members can preorder Fire TV Cube on June 7 and 8 for $89.99. And the device doesn't have the ability to communicate with bluetooth speakers, so, while the Fire TV Cube can turn the television into a music player, it stops short of managing other speakers throughout the home. Customers who purchase and register their Fire TV Cube by July 1, will also receive a $10 credit for Prime Video.

  • Kyle Peterson