Marijuana efforts gain momentum in states, Congress

"I support Sen. Gardner", Trump said when asked about the bill.

Medical marijuana is legal in more than two dozen states and recreational marijuana is legal in nine states and Washington, D.C.

The bill seeks to ensure "that each state has the right to determine for itself the best approach to marijuana within its borders", according to a summary. "The act creates a carve out for states rights and will allow the legal cannabis industry in the compete with the rest of the world".

Republican Sen. Cory Gardner and Democrat Sen. "I know exactly what he's doing", Trump told reporters. "But I will probably end up supporting that, yes". Back in January, he reversed a policy from the Obama Administration that let states handle regulating recreational marijuana use. "We're looking at it".

Warren, long a critic of President Donald Trump, said: "I certainly hope that we have more people standing up for honesty and transparency".

The President of the United States has shockingly announced he most likely will stand behind a congressional effort to end the federal ban on marijuana, a huge step that would reshape the cannabis industry and end the threat of a Justice Department crackdown.

"Because of the one-size-fits-all federal prohibition, state decisions like this put Colorado and other states at odds with the federal government", Gardner said at a news conference.

The move would protect legally-operating marijuana business from federal interference. His press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has said his evolution on the policy is a result of Mr. Trump believing in "enforcing federal law". "Not putting words in the mouth of the White House, but I think this will be an opportunity for us to fulfill what is that federalism approach".

Here's some good news for potheads coming from Capitol Hill: a bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced a new bill on Thursday that would change federal laws prohibiting marijuana. He backed down after he said Trump had agreed not to intervene in states that had legalized the drug, and said privately that he would support Garnder's legislation.

A major problem stemming from the federal ban: Major banks have been reluctant to do business with marijuana companies, fearing it could lead to prosecution.

"We're trying to respect the voters of our states that said this is how we want do business around marijuana here in MA, here in Colorado".

  • Rogelio Becker