Melania at odds with Donald Trump's border policy

"She believes we need to be a country that follows all laws, but governs with heart".

"Ms Grisham went on to say that "[Melania] believes we need to be a country that follows all laws, but also a country that governs with heart", a line which supports the president's recent policy decision to criminally prosecute all adults attempting to cross illegally into the U.S. over the southern border. But the separations instead largely stem from a "zero-tolerance" policy announced with fanfare last month by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. "We are enforcing the laws passed by Congress", she said in an appearance before the National Sheriffs' Association in New Orleans.

The policy change was meant to deter unlawful crossings - and Sessions issued a warning last month to those entering the USA illegally that their children "inevitably for a period of time might be in different conditions".

President Trump continued to blame Democrats.

US first lady Melania Trump has spoken out against the detention of thousands of migrant children separated from their parents by American authorities at the US-Mexico border. Bush said in a column in The Washington Post. I encourage everyone to learn more about how your state can help protect our most vulnerable from the effects of opioid abuse.

"People on all sides agree that our immigration system isn't working, but the injustice of zero tolerance is not the answer", she writes. "I will tell you that nobody likes this policy", White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday.

Scaramucci told CNN that images of children being taken from these parents or in holding areas "is very, very bad for the Republican party and it's very bad for the president". "The Democrats forced that law upon our nation".

U.S. President Donald Trump holds a Make America Great Again rally at Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S., May 29, 2018. But Trump suggested Friday in an interview on Fox News' "Fox and Friends" he would not reverse his administration's policy unless Democrats agreed to his longstanding immigration priorities.

Trump said the U.S.

The family separations are the result of the administration's "zero tolerance" policy in which all those apprehended entering the United States illegally, including those seeking asylum, are criminally charged, which generally leads to children being separated from their parents. Since then, stories of anguished separations and children held in detention centers like Casa Padre have made national and worldwide headlines. "I hate it. I hate to see separation of parents and children". "That's traumatising to the children who are innocent victims, and it is contrary to our values in this country".

In the meantime, Donald Trump is holding US immigration policy hostage in the hopes of funding a border wall that recent polls show nearly 70% of Americans don't want to fund with taxpayer dollars. Underscoring the emotional tension, first lady Melania Trump, who has tended to stay out of contentious policy debates, waded into the issue. But neither bill has much hope of securing enough support in the Republican-controlled Congress, let alone surviving Trump's veto pen.

  • Rogelio Becker