LeBron James did not call Warriors’ Kevin Durant

This could be a monumental franchise changing offseason for the Los Angeles Lakers thanks to a star-studded free agent market that is expected to feature LeBron James and Paul George. That said, Wojnarowski notes that the Celtics are "extremely cautious" due to the uncertainty with Leonard's health and his strong desire to play for the Lakers.

According to ESPN, the Cavs have inquired about Leonard, who has requested a trade from the Spurs, but likely don't possess enough assets to pull off such deal. However, Vardon reported that James' mind would not be made up by Leonard landing or not landing with the Lakers.

Reporting suggests that the San Antonio Spurs are "fully engaged" in trade discussions including the All-NBA forward and all indications are that the Los Angeles Lakers are the team in hottest pursuit of Leonard's services at this juncture.

National Basketball Association free agency - it's just getting started this offseason.

George and James have until Friday to formally exercise their player options on the final years of their contracts and become unrestricted free agents.

What the Spurs do from here on out is anyone's guess, but they are handling the end of the Leonard situation with aplomb.

This consideration separates the Lakers and 76ers from the Celtics, who aren't diving headfirst into the Leonard sweepstakes.

Despite only playing nine games for the San Antonio Spurs this past season season, general manager R.C. Buford is sure to want a lot in return for his star player.

According to a report from Jordan Schultz at Yahoo Sports, Kawhi Leonard has reached out to LeBron James saying that he wants the two to play together next season. That presumably would include Brandon Ingram, the No. 2 pick in the 2016 draft and the Lakers' most promising young player, plus a combination of future first-round picks and other young talent, such as Lonzo Ball, the second overall pick a year ago, Kyle Kuzma and/or Josh Hart. Maybe they'll be the ones that acquire Leonard, making it easier for James to stay in Cleveland.

  • Stacy Allen