Basketball Game Devolves Into a Massive On-Court Brawl

The Philippines team sparked more fury when a number of players posed happily for a court-side selfie after the fight.

The violent scenes, involving players, local officials and even spectators, broke out during a World Cup qualification match between the countries in Manila.

"We trained, had numerous players fall and fall heavily and our team management undertook a course of action that we actually apologised for".

"The critical issue for us last night was making sure our players were able to safely leave the arena".

Those involved face disciplinary proceedings, with Fiba to assemble a tribunal and expected to act swiftly.

Australian and Filipino basketball players can expect "significant penalties" for their part in a vicious all-in brawl, Sydney Kings head coach Andrew Gaze says.

"Physically, the players are fine".

Goulding was left "battered and bruised" and "appalled" by what took place, according to his agent Daniel Moldovan.

Panlilio in an interview on CNN Philippines New Day said he remains hopeful that the on-court brawl will not affect the hosting of the 2023 games. "Also equally concerned for their own player welfare and spectator welfare which, as a host, I would probably adopt the same position".

You can see footage of the fight below. "It was alarming to see one our players surrounded by about 20 people".

Basketball Australia CEO Anthony Moore wouldn't rule out criminal charges over the brawl, but is right now waiting for the outcome of the FIBA tribunal. Punches were thrown and fans and officials were also caught up in the ugly melee.

A mass brawl erupted at an global basketball match between the Philippines and Australia on Monday, with players trading flying kicks and punches in extraordinary scenes which stunned onlookers.

"It was pretty odd", Moore said. "I found that very odd", he said.

"The reality is that Kickert was hitting our players during the warm-ups".

The incident started when Goulding, who scored a game-high 20 points, was felled when struck by Philippines guard Roger Pogoy off the ball.

With the top spot at stake heading into the next round of the competition, the two teams played with a lot of pride and emotion but in the end there was no denying the Boomers' dominance as they banked on their length and crisp outside shooting before the match took an unexpected turn.

"I feel a great responsibility as an National Basketball Association player to carry myself in a way that promotes peace and unity".

"My hope is that this experience provides a springboard for discussion regarding the security surrounding these games", said the South Sudan-born Milwaukee Bucks centre, who was ejected from the match.

  • Stacy Allen