What the Supreme Court battle suggests about culture wars

Schumer's column appeared a day after Senator Susan Collins, Republican of ME, said she would oppose any nominee she believed would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Collins, who appeared on ABC's "This Week" and CNN's "State of the Union", said she would only back a judge who would show respect for settled law such as the Roe decision, which has always been anathema to conservatives.

Trump plans to announce his pick on July 9.

The film is about the landmark 1973 Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion nationwide.

Kennedy's retirement is widely viewed as the most significant Supreme Court vacancy in a generation, marking the departure of the court's swing vote on a range of issues including abortion, LGBTQ rights and health care. "There are people on that list whom I could not support".

Another big decision facing President Trump is a nominee for the soon-to-be vacant spot on the U.S. Supreme Court. Even though McConnell changed Senate rules previous year to allow confirmation by simple majority, if Democrats hold together, he can not afford defections.

One of the candidates Trump spoke to is Utah Sen.

And it said a team of lawyers from the White House and Department of Justice are gathering information to assist Trump with the process.

The White House also announced Monday that spokesman Raj Shah is taking a leave of absence from his position to work full time on overseeing the communications effort associated with the upcoming Supreme Court pick.

Collins is among small group of USA senators whose support is seen as crucial to securing the confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice following the retirement announcement of Justice Anthony Kennedy.

".I interviewed and met with four potential justices of our great Supreme Court".

Instead, the choice of the next Supreme Court justice is in President Trump's hands.

Collins and even several Democrats agreed to back Gorsuch because they said he clearly valued legal precedent and the independence of USA courts.

But two advisers familiar with the White House's strategy told the Herald that the focus would be more on moderate Senate Democrats up for re-election: Sens.

Lee is the only lawmaker on Trump's list of 25 candidates to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, though he has not been viewed as a top contender. He played the same role in the successful confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch past year. Modern Republican judicial nominees tend to stick to a self-imposed rule against answering questions about the validity of past rulings likely to be revisited in the future.

Assuming Trump nominates the kind of justice he has said he intends to nominate, Nelson said he is optimistic the Senate can block it even though Democrats lack enough votes.

Democrats hope the nominee supports abortion rights by a large margin, 73 percent to 13 percent. Despite a history of calling women "fat pigs", "dogs", "slobs" and "disgusting animals", the president rewards female conquerers, opting for allies in the mold of Daenerys Targaryen-comparisons are already being made between Barrett and veteran Justice Elena Kagan.

  • Rogelio Becker