Viral Twitter thread chronicles 'Plane Bae' romance

Viral Twitter thread chronicles 'Plane Bae' romance


Now known as "plane baes", this mystery man and woman, and the couple sitting behind them captivated Twitter for hours Wednesday.

She said she heard both the unnamed woman and man - now identified as Holden - say "they're both personal trainers", and later added that the man used to play professional soccer.

Passenger Rosey Blair unintentionally turned into an in-flight matchmaker after asking the woman behind her if she would switch seats so she could sit next to her boyfriend.

The plane romance story has exploded on the internet and throughout the media including NBC's Today Show.

When Rosey Blair and her boyfriend hopped on their flight home to Dallas, Texas they discovered they weren't seated together. "We couldn't have picked a better romantic duo", Blair told " Good Morning America. "Can't beat that feeling when you get to see her again", he wrote on Instagram, clearly having fun with the whole world being ridiculous about his love life.

A handsome stranger ended up being that woman's new neighbor, and the two appeared to hit it off from the get-go, according to Blair's perspective.

Upon landing, Blair took a photo of the pair walking closely together at the baggage claim area.

After some detective work, Rosey's boyfriend found their Instagram accounts, which revealed that they were both single and both lived in Dallas. The love thread got viral all over the Internet and hashtag PlaneBae was soon trending on the micro-blogging site.

She also noted that both were very attractive, another sign that they were clearly meant to spend their lives together.

Since the rise in social media notoriety, Holden updated his Twitter bio with the following: "Newly nicknamed 'Plane Bae'".

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