Apple MacBook Pro Updated with 8th-generation Intel Core Processors

Apple MacBook Pro Updated with 8th-generation Intel Core Processors


The new models - one 13-inch model and one 15-inch model, both with Apple's Touch Bar - have new chips that Apple said should dramatically increase performance. It's also offering up to 32GB of RAM and 4TB of SSD storage. It's apparently the first eGPU to support Thunderbolt 3 displays like LG's Apple-approved 5K Monitor.

However, unlike most eGPU units, you will not be able to upgrade the card inside, so you will be stuck with the Radeon Pro 580 for the life of the product.

Of course, those fans would have the funds ready for the purchase, because these new MacBook Pros don't come cheap. Also shipping now are the $699 Blackmagic eGPU that can turn your MacBook into a VR-capable machine and the leather sleeves for it. The company has just listed the new 2018 models that feature the highly talked about Touch Bar feature first introduced in 2016. "These are Apple's most powerful notebooks which they claim to be 70% more powerful for the 15" version and at least double the performance for the 13" model. "The MacBook Pro 13 pushes a resolution of 2560×1600 while the 15" version does 2880×1800.

While the exterior looks similar to the previous model, Apple has managed to upgrade the Retina Display with True Tone technology. Both have more storage than before: The 15-inch model can go up to a four-terabyte solid-state drive, while the smaller model maxes out at two terabytes. Apple is allowing buyers to embed up to 2TB SSD, while the 15-inch MacBook Pro buyers can insert up to a 4TB SSD. And while there's still a chance you'll run into someone who will stick to the rules and not offer you an exchange, store employees tell 9to5Mac to ask nicely and see what happens. Additional technical specifications, configure-to-order options and accessories are available online at Which is Apple-speak for "its borked but we can't fix it, so we are making it your problem".

  • Terrell Bush